Nil side-effects of Fagonia cretica Tea for cancer patients

Patients of Breast Cancer from all across the cities are taking Fagonia cretica Tea along with their routine medications and there has not been any incidence of any Adverse effect or side effect.

Patients of Breast Cancer from across all the cities are taking Fagonia cretica Tea along with their routine medications (Conventional treatment) and there has not been any incidence of Adverse Effect or Side Effect of any nature. We are hereby eliciting a few aspects for your easy reference –

1) Fagonia cretica Tea is rich in Pottassium and low in Sodium, so Hypertensive Patients taking this Tea should reduce the dosage of their Hypertensive Medications because both are doing the same action. It shall not lower the Blood Pressure of those who are normal in terms of Blood Pressure but certainly it aids in controlling the Blood Pressure in hypertensive patients.

2) As the Tea is completely herbal and contains a high fiber content, so it also enables a weight loss regimen in the body on prolonged usage. A normal patient of Breast cancer in terms of weight might not expereince any weight loss by taking the Medicine but an obese patient shall certainly be witnessed to a slight loss in weight.

3) Its also been observed in many patients that on prolonged use of Fagonia cretica Tea, Bowel movements are slightly towards an active phase. As Fagonia cretica Tea being herbal in nature is rich in fibre content, so Patients with irregular bowel movement might also witness an improvement in their condition and those with normal bowel movements might have to use their washrooms more than once a day. But we have to see here that both the above aspects are beneficial for Human body and so there is no cause of any worries.

4) The patients who are on Conventional Intra Venous Medications need to wait till they are discharged from the Hospital and after being discharged from the Hospital, Fagonia cretica Tea can be continued from the very next day. When a patient is in Hospital, mostly she is on I.V. Fluids and during such a phase, oral intake of Fluid medicines are usually avoided.

5) If Fagonia cretica Tea is taken after having a meals, it might cause a slight discomfort in the stomach. However, there shall not be any effect on the potency of the Medicine. On empty stomach, the intake of Fagonia cretica tea is best and is also recommended as such.

6) Fagonia cretica Tea can also be easily administered from the nasal drip. Its absolutely safe and easy. Patients who are terminally ill and are not in a condition to orally consume any food or liquid, in such cases, nasal drip is the best option to take Fagonia cretica Tea.

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