Health Benefits of Drinking Fagonia cretica Herbal Tea

Antioxidants found in Fagonia Tea have been shown to slow down the tumor growth in the target areas. It activates the detoxification process which uses powerful enzymes to protect the body against the cells that develop tumors.

Antioxidants that are found in ORGANIC FAGONIA CRETICA tea actually help in protecting the organic structure against the cancers that would get in a way from most people. The drink is able to fight the free radicals in the body and is very high in the oxygen radical absorbency capacity. In simpler terms, it is the action or the system of fighting over the free radicals in the body. The antioxidants are the ones that fight off the toxins on the skin which is a great thing for most people.

Many of these antioxidants have been shown to slow down the tumor growth in the target areas. It activates the detoxification process which uses powerful enzymes to protect the body against the cells that develop tumors. Italians recently found that drinking three cups of this drink daily can prevent the prostate cancer in men who had precancerous cells.

The archives of internal medicine has published that drinking the Organic Fagonia cretica has been associated with more than fifty percent reduction on the hardening of the arteries in women who drank at least one to two cups a day. This could be made easier to most people who are also suffering from cardiac ailments as this herbal tea is not only highly beneficial in all types of cancer, but for heart ailments as well.

It can also keep the person hydrated for the time being. Recent documents and experiments have shown that this beverage can contribute a lot to the fluid needs of the person over time.  As a Physician I shall share another important information with you – there are innumerable websites / agencies across the world selling anything in the name of FAGONIA CRETICA although as per herbal medicinal science – for each individual case of cancer, a particular mixing ratio with regards Organic Fagonia cretica (Leaf : Flower) has to be used and only then it becomes accountable, else it might cause more harm than good. Example for a case of Prostate Cancer getting into metastasis in Lymphatic + Bones – the most accountable mixing ratio shall be Leaf 25 : Flower 75. We are here using a high medicinal ratio of Organic Fagonia Flower because its got both water / fat soluble properties and thus can reach uptil minutest tissue at the site of origin, which shall ultimately enable a successful remission. So the Organic Fagonia cretica for a patient of Stage 4 prostate Cancer taken for next 6 months must be in the proportion of Leaf 25 : Flower 75. Similarly for each type and stage of cancer, different mixing ratio are used so as to enable a successful remission process in patients.

We have been providing Organic Fagonia cretica in varied proportions to all our patients across the globe since 2001 and just very recently our Hospital has been rewarded with the TradeMark cum Registration Certificate of Organic Fagonia cretica as after all stringent investigations and protocols, the Govt agency gave the ruling in our favor because we have been following all the standard norms as per laid in Ras Shastra and also our procurement process is also as per the said protocol only. We are enclosing the same certification here in this section for your easy reference so you can stay confident with regards the Authenticity of our products and use it with positivity for health benefits of patient.

We are not just any agency / herb vendor – rather I am myself an Ayurveda Physician registered with AYUSH, Govt of India and throughout the course of treatment, we are 24 * 7 in touch with our patients for all queries / updates and you shall be always receiving our replies in shortest possible time frame so patient can get quick answers and stay updated as well. Our Center – Nakra Ayurveda Hospitals and Herbals Pvt Ltd is absolutely committed towards providing our patients the best of medical services.

What makes Cancer such a fatal illness – Most types of cancers cause weight loss via the production of cachectin-like substances, which tell the brain to stop feeling hungry, and probably interfere with fat storage and utilization, forcing the metabolic system to feed on normal tissue for its energy requirements. Muscle wasting is common (and can be readily assessed by looking at the temples. Temporal wasting is proportional to that of muscle tissue everywhere.) It is difficult to reverse, despite what sometimes appears to be successful treatment of the cancer, and the complications of malnutrition ultimately lead to death. This is much more merciful than the chronic, progressive and unremitting pain many cancer patients experience as deposits of tumor cells erode through bones, nerves and visceral organs. Any organ may fail due to infiltration by cancer cells / metastasis, but starvation usually happens before that does AND THE MOST PIVOTAL ASPECT TOWARDS ENSURING A SUCCESSFUL AND COMPLETE REMISSION PROCESS IS EARLIEST INITIATION OF ACCOUNTABLE TREATMENT PROTOCOL


Its been displayed in research that an extract of Fagonia cretica induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in two phenotypically distinct cancer cell lines. Extract activity involves DNA damage and p53-induction but is not fully dependent on p53 functionality. In addition, extract treatment induces FOXO3a expression which may be attributed to DNA damage directly or induction of DNA repair pathways. We also demonstrated that FOXO3a expression is required for extract activity in the absence of functional p53. This provides a novel mechanism by which an aqueous extract of Fagonia cretica, used extensively in India and Pakistan, can kill cancer cells.

In Asia, there are very less patients dying from cancer in comparison to western world and its primarily because of the reason – Patients of India and other asian countries take medicinal herbs alongside and when the carcinoma is in early stages and thus stay safe / healthy. People of Japan and China have almost highest average living age and its also primarily of the reason – they regularly take the intake of herbs for various health concerns and also stay away from all conventional protocols, until and unless its very much necessary.

For patient of early diagnosis, TIME IS THE MOST IMPORTANT CRITERION IN ENABLING A SUCCESSFUL REMISSION PROCESS. Because for patients of Stage 4, the successful probability is only 30% while for Stage 3, its close to 60%, and for Stage 2 or lesser its close to 90%, so patient must start for the treatment protocol at soonest possible. By the intake of medicinal herbs when remission process is initiated, the stage starts declining and its this process which is life saving for the patient. Yes the herbs can be taken alongside chemo / radiation and other such conventional protocols, because not only it alleviates the ill effects of those protocols, but also shall induce cell cycle arrest in the energy center of cancer DNA and it proves as life saving for the patient and thus acts as life saving measure.

And gradually, patients across the world are awakening towards the PREVENTATIVE ROLE OF MEDICINAL HERBS IN CANCER PATIENTS, because more than therapeutic its the preventative role of medicinal herbs. Patients from western world too are not very open towards the herbal medicinal science and very few patients agree towards taking the herbs and it shall take time, but certainly the day is not far away, when patients shall opt for the medicinal science which is primarily the main line of treatment in all asian countries and not only in India. Because through mother nature, we can address chronic ailments with ease and with accountability.

In Western medicine, the focus is the eradication of the cancers cells once they have been diagnosed. Ayurveda is not a replacement for Western medicine. Once cancer has been diagnosed, all avenues of treatment, including conservative (allopathic) and complimentary approaches should be thoroughly investigated. Ayurveda will address prevention and underlying causative factors, while Western medicine will deal with the symptoms, which in some cases can be life-threatening. Through this Mail, we will discuss the cause, treatment, and prevention of Cancer exclusively from the Ayurvedic perspective.

In Ayurveda, cancers are not treated solely as a physical condition. The relationship between mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual factors are all identified when treating cancer. The general definition of cancer in Ayurveda is when the cells have forgotten their memory of normal and proper function. They have lost the smirti value (cellular memory). Without the memory of proper function the cells have no rules.

In Ayurveda, the cause of all disease is termed pragya pradh which, when translated, means the mistake of the intellect: the intellect decides to see itself as separate from the underlying field of consciousness from which we all come. Quantum physics recognizes the existence of such a unifying field and Ayurveda recognizes that field as our own consciousness. It is the goal of Ayurveda to re-establish the experience of consciousness or silence in every cell in the body. Stress, pollution, lifestyle, chemotoxins, and fear are major factors that strip the silence of consciousness from our experience. When the silence is lost on a cellular level the cells become disconnected from their roots in consciousness. They lose their memory and begin to function at random in a survival fashion just to stay alive.

With a cancer diagnosis, a common treatment approach response is to attack the cancer as the enemy, visualizing cancer cells exploding, or killing them with radiation or chemotherapy. This approach does have its place and certainly should be investigated. But in Ayurveda the approach works on the basis of peace, not war. History has proven that for every war that has ever been fought, there comes a time to make peace and shake hands. The cancer cells are a part of the body that have lost their memory. They are not necessarily bad cells that must be destroyed, they are cells that have lost their way and need to be reconnected to their roots of consciousness. Overuse of antibiotics in the past 40 years is proof of what happens to cells when you try to kill them. Bacteria, in the name of survival, have become resistant to the once very lethal antibiotics. Cancer cells that are relentlessly sought after to be destroyed will also find ways to resist the attackers, and in many cases become stronger and more committed to their cause of survival. This is not to say there is never a need for chemotherapies.

The next expression of the mistake of the intellect is triggered by emotional constrictions that separate the mind and body in the name of survival. Fear is the first emotion we feel when we lose the experience of consciousness on a physical level. Consciousness, which of course is lively in every cell, is stored in the heart as a substance called ojas.Ojas is considered to be the physical expression of consciousness. This experience of consciousness is the only source of true happiness. When we lose it because of fear of getting hurt, the body employs the sympathetic nervous system’s fight-or-flight response to protect the delicate feelings of the heart. These emotional constrictions manifest in the body physically by separating the consciousness (ojas) in the heart from the memory (smirti) of the cells. Again the cells begin to function at random. Depending on the kinds of stress, chemical exposure, and/or genetic susceptibility, Breast / Digestive / Pulmonary cancer or other related cancers can be the result.

Stress is probably the biggest factor in the loss of cellular memory. Stress has a powerful effect on physical and mental responses in the body and has recently been traced to be the cause of 80% of all disease, including cancer. Stress triggers stress-fighting hormones that can be produced 24 hours a day depending on the severity and duration of the stress. These stress-fighting hormones are degenerative and produce free radicals as waste products, which are believed to be the leading cause of aging, disease, cancer, and death. Stress also creates mental and muscular tension, a compromised blood supply, and an increase in waste production. All these factors curtail circulation and communication on a cellular level. If cells cannot get blood in and waste out effectively, then the communication to and from cells breaks down. Soon, the cells will lose their memory of normal function and will have to alter their programming in the name of survival. If gross cellular circulation is decreased, cells will begin to reproduce in an alternative method. If the genetic predisposition is cancer, or if exposure to environmental pollutants has been excessive, then cancer can be how an individual breaks down. In Ayurveda, this same cause can trigger a variety of symptoms, depending on individual genetic susceptibility.