Fagonia cretica Tea prevents Breast Cancer

Patient belongs to a High Risk category due to BRCA Gene involvement and can Take Fagonia cretica Tea as a preventative medicine because it shall prevent the malfunctioning in the cells and thus prevent them from becoming cancerous.

IMPORTANT : Its hereby requested you buy Fagonia cretica Tea only from an Authenticated Source because as per Ayurveda Literature there are certain very important recommendations mentioned in RAS SHASHTRA which must be followed in the process of DryingRatio Maintenance (Leaf : Flower : Bark) and Powdering of Fagonia cretica.

› We have been issued a “Commercial Authentication Certificate” from ARI, (Department of Science & Technology) Govt of India as displayed below and our Patients can be assured of being provided with the Best and most Authentic Quality of Fagonia cretica.

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Below mentioned 5 Medicinal Herbs are recommended for Patients of Breast Cancer to enable a complete and successful remission –

Along with these 5 Herbal Medicines, following documentation too shall be enclosed in the Parcel for easy reference of patient –

• Copy of Authentication Certificate of FAGONIA CRETICA issued by ARI (Govt of India)
• Diet Regimen to be followed by Patients of Cancer
• Method of Intake of all the Herbal Medicines
• Copy of Organic Certification of Products

1) Fagonia cretica Tea – For Patients, daily dosage is 20 Gms per Day.

2) Organic Holy Basil Tablets – 1 tablet twice a day.

Holy Basil decreases tumorigenicity and metastasis of aggressive human Breast cancerous cells. Its a medically proven antioxidant which fights very effectively against Cancer. Holy Basil Tablets are always included in all our medicine parcel for the ease of patients.

3) Organic Wheatgrass and Giloy Tablets – 1 tablet twice a day

Role of Wheatgrass in Breast Cancer : Wheatgrass helps in building a strong immune system, and the key to killing cancer cells is oxygen. To lead an aggressive fight against cancer the body needs to produce more oxygen. Wheatgrass contains Chlorophyll, which is considered the “blood of plants”. The molecular structure of chlorophyll is similar to that of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin transports oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. Incorporating wheatgrass into the diet will help build and renew blood cells in the body and increase the oxygen available to fight the cancer cells. Chlorophyll and selenium also help build the immunity system. Furthermore, wheatgrass is one of the most alkaline foods known to mankind thus killing “cancer favoring envirnoment”.

Role of Giloy in Breast Cancer : Tinospora cordifolia has incredible immune-boosting properties, and its one of the reasons why it is so effective against cancer. A strong immune system is better able to identify any cancerous cells and eliminate them before they have a chance to grown and spread. Tinospora contain a chemical called dichloromethane, which is known to poison and kill cancerous cells. Scientists have also found that Tinospora contain potent cancer-fighting antioxidants such as catalase, glutathione and superoxide dismutase thus enabling in the process of Remission with ease.

4) Organic Turmeric Powder – to be taken in the night as 2 Gms daily with 100 ML of Lukewarm (Almond Milk) / (Coconut Milk) / (any Fat Free Milk if both Almond and Coconut are not available).

With its cell-penetrating ability, Turmeric can cleanse the body at the most vital level to prevent cancers and protect tissues from damage imposed by cancer causing agents. It also prevents cancer cells from damaging DNA and reduces the side effects of chemotherapy.

5) Organic Spirulina Powder – It has to be taken as 2 Gms daily with Fresh 1 Glass of Water.

Spirulina is superior to plant proteins in that it is about 60% protein and is a complete protein. The fat content of Spirulina is loaded with the healthy fats like GLA , EPA, DHA and ALA, which are important Omega 3’s. It is a super source of B vitamins, minerals and many beneficial pigments like beta carotene and chlorophyll.
Here is how Spirulina benefits a patient of Breast Cancer :

a) Stimulates Natural Killer Cells and prevents breast cancer cells from growing.
b) It has been used in light therapy to target and kill breast cancerous cells
c) Greatly reduces free radicals
d) Keeps Breast cancer cells in permanent remission
e) Suppresses tumor growth by suppressing new blood flow to the tumor
f) Enhances cellular uptake of trace minerals like selenium
g) Inhibits the growth of viruses like Epstein Barr

Although effective in killing cancerous cells, chemotherapeutic agents also induce kidney toxicity. Spirulina helped protect the kidneys from being damaged by cisplatin, in a study published in the December 2006 issue of “Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology.” The scientists also noted that spirulina did not decrease the effectiveness of chemo medication so its good in alleviating the side effects of chemo as well and it works in sync with Fagonia cretica Tea.


CASE 1) Patients who have Tumour inside the Breast or if there is metastasis and are taking Conventional Medications like undergoing Chemotherapy etc. – IN SUCH CASES FAGONIA CRETICA SHALL HELP IN ENABLING THE REMISSION PROCESS

CASE 2) Patients who have undergone complete Mastectomy / Conventional treatment with success – IN SUCH CASES FAGONIA CRETICA SHALL PREVENT THE RE-OCCURRENCE OF CANCER

CASE 3) Patient belongs to a High Risk category due to BRCA Gene involvement and can Take Fagonia cretica Tea as a preventative medicine because it shall prevent the malfunctioning in the cells and thus PREVENT THEM FROM BECOMING CANCEROUS.

CASE 4) Patients who have Tumour inside the Breast or if there is metastasis and are not taking the conventional treatment due to its side-effects – IN SUCH CASES FAGONIA CRETICA SHALL HELP IN ENABLING THE REMISSION PROCESS

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 FAGONIA CRETICA TEA – Authenticated by ARI, (Department of Science & Technology) Govt of India