Our Patient's Feedback

I was diagnosed with a stage 3 triple negative ,3.5 cm cancer of my left breast. The surgeon said that I would need to have a mastectomy. My family said get another Button trigger modal opinion so I sought out my previous surgeon who was now a professor of surgery and as we found out she had carried out research in collaboration with the university of Aston in Birmingham on a herb know in India as Fagonia cretica. This herb cannot be prescribed in the UK . We were fortunate to find Asmiherbsals consultancy on the Internet. This is where we met Dr Amit and he has now become part of our family ,Although we have never met. He always answers my emails promptly and is also available on the telephone,he has given me excellent care. I started Dr Amits prescribed Herbs the day before my Chemotherapy began as the chemotherapy continued I became very tired I had no other side effects ,no nausea or vomiting ,I walked my dogs every day ,I did loose my hair but the NHS gave me a very nice wig .My new hair is thicker than ever. When I went back to my surgeon he could not believe that my cancer did not show up on all the various scans . So my proposed mastectomy turned out to be a very small incision to remove tissue where the cancer had been ,this was sent to the laboratory which revealed 7mm cancer remaining instead of 3'5cm. I had 23 radiotherapy treatments and was well throughout my breast became very hard but is now softening. I continue to take the herbal medications prescribed by Dr Amit we communicate regularly he is very supportive. These herbs have boosted my immune system this has enabled my body to heal itself and I have felt well throughout he chemo and radiotherapy. Dr Amit is able to offer advice on diet and other life style changes that are necessary for your body and mind to be well I am now 72 years old happy and well, I recommend Dr Amit ,his team and the wonderful healing herbs of our mother earth..

Kate Dell UK

Patient :male 73 years old. Stage 3 sarcoma at the thigh. Dark prognosis. Surgery (a large piece of muscle - all a quadriceps length in fact - had to be removed all around the sarkome) + for several months Ayurvedic treatment with herbs. The patient has returned to a normal life. After 2 years: scans of the lower limbs, liver, lungs and nothing to report despite the severity of the starting diagnosis with stage 3 sarkoma which is however known to be particularly invasive and aggressive

Didier Gratien France

FEEDBACK OF STAGE 4 LIVER CANCER PATIENT FROM USA - When they approached us for the treatment protocol, patient was a stage 4 liver cancer patient with aggressive lesions on hepatic tissues and metastasis into lungs / stomach. Now just into 6 weeks of taking the prescribed herbal protocol - The liver has been cleared of all the lesions and there is no active metabolic activity noticed, No ascites in abdomen as was earlier evident, and pulmonary physiology too has started responding positively. The extent of effusion in lungs have decreased in comparison as evident from X ray and its this very prime reason - why earliest initiation is very pivotal towards ensuring a successful remission - particularly in those patients where its either stage 3 / 4, because each day can be life saving and patient must adhere very sincerely to the following recommended dietary regimen as well - We are here emphasizing on intake of red and purple colored fruits / vegetables by cancer patients because anthocyanins - the compounds that give color to most red, purple and blue fruits and vegetables - appreciably slow / discourage the growth of cancer cells. Thus helping immensely towards discouraging all metastasis and patients must include these fruits / vegetables in their diet on a daily basis - throughout their lifetime for holistic health benefits. FOR ANY CARCINOMA PATIENT, IT'S NOT TUMOR THAT PROVES AS FATAL, RATHER ITS METASTATIC TENDENCIES WHICH PROVES AS FATAL AND ANTHOCYANINS DISCOURAGE THESE PROGRESSIVE TENDENCIES. If due to aggression in stage 4 illness or any other such idiopathic concerns, patient is unable to take food orally, please do give patient such food contents as juice / soup / mesh on sip by sip basis and these intake of red / purple colored fruits and vegetables shall be all life saving for the patient.

Aneba Atzmon USA

FEEDBACK OF STAGE 4 TRIPLE POSITIVE BREAST CANCER (Metastasis into Liver) PATIENT FROM ITALY When Patient approached us for the treatment protocol in herbal medicinal sciences, already she was a stage 4 Breast TRIPLE POSITIVE Cancer Patient and there was extensive metastatic deposits in tissues of Liver with complaints of severe indigestion and persistent pain in abdomen. Now with intake of Prescribed Medicinal Herbs (inncluding Fagonia cretica, Podophyllum hexandrum, Lochnera rosea, Ocimum sanctum, Tinospora cordifolia) for a duration of close to 7 months, following are the key findings - 1) Multiple metastatic formations on Liver are all gone into remission and nothing was visible in MRI making Liver almost free from any "progressive metastasis" . Earlier there were one large tumor sized 20 mm and 3 minute lesions as well but now all is absolutely clear. 2) There was also a tumor in the origin tissue - Breast of the size equivalent to 24 mm but its also now reduced down to just 1 mm and its very good and positive response from patient after the initiation of prescribed herbal protocols for a duration of 7 months. 3) Appetite too has considerably improved because earlier appetite was compromised due to hepatic metastasis, and now with hepatic metastasis gone into complete / successful remission, patient is not only feeling good in terms of digestion but also earlier signs of bloating / fullness too have subsided away. 4) Due to 3 nodules on Liver, patient earlier complained of persistent pain in abdominal region and now with all of these 3 subsided to size zero - patient is having a good sleep and much improved quality of life.

Danilla Flores Italy

STAGE 4 METASTATIC BREAST CANCER PATIENT FROM USA who after going through conventional protocols witnessed aggressive metastatic tendencies in her vital physiology - In this mail as well, we are here sharing with you the feedback of another terminally ill patient from USA and she is a metastatic breast cancer patient into Spinal Column, Liver and Lymph Nodes. Oncologist initiated the Chemo for her again as she was a case of relapse and earlier also she has gone through all the recommended protocols of conventional medicinal science. Still carcinoma was resisting the protocol and relapsed again in dominance. Halfway into her repeat-chemo process, her oncologist declared her stage as being a terminal one (Stage 4) and gave her only maximum 2 years to live with. The metastatic activity in her spine was causing her enormous pain and she was also on pain killer IV at the time she started the intake of prescribed medicinal herbs. Its at this moment, they came in contact with our Hospital and initiated the Medicinal Herbs and just after 2 months of medicine intake (Organic Fagonia cretica tea and other recommended medicinal herbs), the tumour in her lymph nodes have shrunken and also there is no further evidence of any metastatic / progressive activity in her body apart from in spine. She was earlier taking Herceptin (which can only block and that too partially and Ibandronat (just for strengthening the spine and bones) and so its the initiation of medicinal herbs (particularly Organic Fagonia cretica tea) which resulted in major breakthrough in her case and its due to the process of cell cycle arrest in energy center of Cancer DNA, which is like a life saving for the patient of Metastatic Cancer.

Lyn Beawan USA

Feedback of Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer Patient who also got tested for HPV Positive but is now HPV Negative and into successful remission: Patient came into our contact for initiation of Herbal Protocols (Organic Fagonia cretica) for her Stage 3 Diagnosis of Ovarian Carcinoma and after 8 months of the treatment process, not only her scan tests have come as clean, but also her past status of HPV Positive is also now HPV Negative. So this confirms - the medicinal herbs if initiated timely and taken with sincerity, can enable a good remission in the favor of the patient, because the treatment is always holistic in nature and not just symptomatic. Patients must not do any lapses in the intake and as carcinoma has a basic tendency to spread further in the tissues - but with sustained intake of medicinal herbs, this "spreading angiogenesis" behavior of carcinoma can be discouraged and this proves as life saving for the patient in the end. For any patient in any stage of carcinoma, following 2 rules are like life saviors and patient must follow them with complete sincerity - a) Lay maximum emphasis on intake of red / purple colored fruits and vegetables as these prevent the progression activity in stage 4 metastatic carcinoma. b) Alwayys have fruits / vegetables before meals and green vegetable soup after meals as it not only enhances the digestive capacity but also raises immunity as well so the body can fight with aggression in illness with comparative ease. The illness specific medicinal herbs (Fagonia cretica) prescribed for patients discourages metastatic tendencies and TIME is always the most decisive factor towards enabling successful remission in any carcinoma patient. Also alongside the prescribed medicinal and dietary regimen, we always request our patients to take a walk / sit in a green park / area where there are lots of nature around and try to do deep breathing inside / outside so tissues can gain in rich oxygen and not only this rich oxygen shall help in staying encouraged but also it helps considerably towards initiating lethal action on cancer cells

Daniela Price UK

FEEDBACK OF STAGE 4 COLO-RECTAL CANCER PATIENT FROM USA - she took our Medicinal Herbs with complete sincerity for 1 year and within initial 12 months of intake - she has been blessed with highly encouraging results in her favor. Its all her Patience + Perseverance which has resulted the breakthrough in her case. Seeing the aggression in her illness + severity of metastasis in her abdominal tissues - she was put on Herbal LSP (Life Saving Protocol) from day one itself as it was very much a necessity and earlier there were a bit of issues with regards the effects of medications, but gradually as the Herbs started good Assimilation in the intestines, the process of cell cycle arrest was initiated and remission was very much in her favor. Now she has got all her routine scans done - PET, CT and they have come absolutely clean. Earlier her tumour markers were also very much elevated and now they too are within normal limits. So its certainly a very pleasing news for this particular patient because reviving oneself from a stage 4 illness requires a lot of courage and patience. Even after a patient achieves successful + complete remission, we still request all our such patients to please not discontinue the herbs and continue the intake for around 3-4 months more, so tissues are in absolute safe zone and thereafter, certainly patients can discontinue the intake of herbs. As soon as she received the confirmation of her illness, she came in our contact from some of her reference and started the intake of all prescribed medicinal herbs at soonest possible because for any patient of carcinoma, the 2 key aspects which are life saving are as follows - 1) TIMELY INITIATION OF MEDICINAL HERBS 2) STAYING POSITIVE AND ENCOURAGED ALWAYS IN SPITE OF ANY INCONVENIENCE IN SIGNS And its this particular reason - we always do our best of efforts towards ensuring - we share such encouraging feedback on regular basis and try to keep all our patients on positive note always. Hope you shall find this helpful and make your thought process a lot more optimistic as together we all can certainly defeat Cancer and we just have to follow a very basic rule towards dietary intake - AVOID ALL ACIDIC INTAKE AND TAKE ALL ALKALINE FOOD, because carcinoma thrives in an acidic environment while gets discouraged in an alkaline one.

Shweta Aggarwal USA

FEEDBACK OF SUCCESSFUL REMISSION ENABLED IN JUST 2 MONTHS - PATIENT OF STOMACH CARCINOMA (EARLY DIAGNOSED ONE) - In our regular process of sharing encouraging feedback of other patients, here is another very pivotal one which stresses on the need of earliest initiation of protocols, because she is a Patient of Early Diagnosed Stomach Cancer and she started upon the prescribed herbal protocol as soonest possible. When carcinoma cells are localized at the origin site only and there are no metastasis, it's at this particular phase, when initiation of an accountable protocol can enable a successful and complete remission with ease and very quickly as well - thereby saving patients from all evils of conventional protocols. In patients with metastasis as well - remission can be achieved but the successful probability of complete remission reduces in comparison and the duration of intake also is then higher ranging from 6 months to as long as 24 months in few chronic ones. When this lady was diagnosed with STOMACH CA it was an early diagnosis (fortunately) and the lady started on the herbal prescription at soonest possible - now within just 2 months of intake, her gastroscopy has revealed all clear updates and there are no cellular vitiation / inflammation seen in the internal tissues which were all very clearly evident 2 months ago. This patient laid maximum emphasis on all dietary / lifestyle regimen and with intake of illness specific medicinal herbs, the remission has been successful. For any patient with carcinoma, the biggest fatality factor always is METASTASIS because carcinomas have a basic tendency to spread further and vitiate the vital physiology so each day can be life saving in many ways and an earliest initiation of an accountable protocol can make a huge difference in the probability factor. Even in patients who already have metastasis just needs to stay positive / hopeful, because it's only once carcinoma invades deeper into vital physiology it becomes complicated else in all patients of stage 4 illness as well, successful probability always is close to 40% subjected to if the Illness Specific Medicinal Herbs are initiated at soonest and before metastasis does harm to life supporting cellular physiology, cell cycle arrest be enabled in those cancer cells and its this very prime mode of action which proves as life saving in the end. Apart from doing a sincere intake of herbal prescription, we always request our patients of cancer to always lay maximum emphasis on intake of plant food and stay away from all kinds of animal food / preserved food / stored food / artificial food. Its a very simple and basic regimen which must be followed and certainly its very much accountable towards halting the progression in metastasis to a considerable extent. THE KEY IS INTAKE OF PLANT BASED FOODS AS THEY ARE ON MAJORITY BASIS AND PRIMARILY ALWAYS NOT ONLY SAFE BUT HEALTHY AS WELL

Beata Poland

The day, patient got diagnosed with stage 3 Prostate cancer, he started the intake of herbs within first week itself and after completing just 2 weeks of the intake process, he is comparatively looking very fine from within and is feeling overall good. His detailed investigations are still ON for extent of metastatic tendencies and family members too are highly hopeful that if just 2 weeks of the initiation of life saving medicinal herbs can be such a booster for remission process, then certainly its a high probability, successful + complete remission shall be achieved within 4-6 months of the intake process. So as Patient, one must always stay positive and honor TIME, as in any case, its always the earliest initiation of medicinal herbs which proves as Life Saving in the end.


Here is a feedback of our 80 year old Breast Cancer Metastasis Patient from Norway. One and a half years ago, she was given only a few months to survive as her illness was highly aggressive and also she had not opted for any conventional protocols ever since 5 years of her diagnosis. She was absolutely without any treatment process for 5 long years ever since her diagnosis of carcinoma was confirmed in the scan results and was taking only natural protocols from a Physician in Norway but her carcinoma couldn't be contained and it progressed towards Stage 4 Illness. She initiated all the recommended medicinal herbs from our hospital and took the herbs for close to 12 months and then in her latest scan results, she has successfully brought complete remission in her metastasis and there has been considerable improvement in comparison to her last CT scan results. She has been very religiously taking all the medicinal herbs since 12 months and its all her Patience and Perseverance which has brought in good health benefits for her. So the Flower of Organic Fagonia cretica is highly potent towards ensuring a successful remission even in Terminal Stage Patients and the only aspect is TIME. Its this process which is like life saving for the patient and as we have always stated in each mail of ours - TIME is always the biggest and most pivotal aspect, if successful and permanent remission process has to be achieved with ease. This 80 year old lady is absolutely a Terminal Stage Case, when they approached us for the herbal treatment protocol and if such terminal stage patients are showing positive signs with the help of "Illness Specific Medicinal Herbs", then certainly other patients who are far better in terms of health updates, must always feel highly optimistic and positive. As staying positive is very vital in this long battle against the illness. We have enclosed her feedback as attachment in this mail for your easy reference.


Here is the feedback of our Stage 3 Breast Cancer patient from Australia and prior to taking the medicinal herbs - she was already diagnosed a Stage 3 with early metastasis to vital physiology. She then started the intake of all the herbs and with complete sincerity she took the herbs for almost 14 months when in her scan results - it was all clean and there was no evidence of any CARCINOMA RELATED METABOLIC ACTIVITY IN HER TISSUES. At that point of time - it was all her patience and perseverance which rewarded here. And yes of course - she always stayed positive throughout the course of protocol as for any stage 3 patient - survival probability is not good because stage 4 metastasis is always round the corner in cases of progressive illness types. She stayed calm and inspite of few issues with regards her digestion / nausea and she did not stop the intake of medicinal herbs which ultimately brought the Good News for her after 14 months duration. Now she is in complete remission and the medication intake is now reducing gradually which shall be stopped completely in next few weeks because once complete remission is done - thereafter only regular checkups are required and based on the results - any further intake is advised.


When this terminally ill patient approached us for the treatment protocol, already she was a stage 4 terminal stage and she had earlier opted for all recommended conventional protocols, but aggressive metastatic tendencies couldn't be halted and as a last life saving measure, she decided to opt for Life Saving Herbal Protocols. Now after initiation of herbal protocols for close to 8 months, there has been considerable improvement in her condition. Now as per the latest scan reports received - her Lungs are absolutely clear from any traces of metastasis as its now in complete remission. Earlier there was Pleura Thickening and Pleural effusion as well, but just in her very recent test report - both of these concerns have been addressed and its a huge encouragement for her because her doctors were not very much confident she shall be able to come this far. In addition due to invasion in cardiac and hepatic tissues, there was considerable swelling in her face and hands, which also has now subsided completely. Also she was feeling very weak prior to starting the life saving medicinal herbs, but now she is much more active and is able to perform her own activities with ease. In the latest scan results, Liver is showing only 1 metastatic lesion, while in earlier scan there were 4 in total. So her Internal Physiology has responded very positively towards the initiation of Life Saving Herbal Protocols and its all dependent on TIME.The sooner we can start on with medicinal herbs, better and faster are always the results because there are many illness specific medicinal herbs blessed on mankind by mother nature and we just have to initiate the protocol in nick of time, as once metastasis gets deeper into vital physiology, from there on it becomes quite an uphill task to enable a successful remission, but a timely initiation can be life saving.


She lives in City:Ödemiş / State: İZMİR Aggressive bone metastasis to her femur bone and even unable to walk around 1 year ago but now she can walk on her own I am here sharing another very positive feedback of a Patient from Turkey who has got severe Metastasis to her Bones and due to this she was not able to walk properly because her Femur bone in the thigh had been badly affected with the illness. She was on bed and completely dependent on attendants for her daily chores. She took all the herbal medications for her treatment FOR more than 1.5 years (18 months) because once Cancer gets into a process of Metastasis, it always takes a much longer duration of medicine intake to save life of patient and enable the remission process and its this very reason - we always recommend our patients to Honor TIME, because early treatment is the only most pivotal aspect, which can save lives. We have received her encouraging response that she has now started to walk slightly on her own which certainly is a good improvement. And Cancer too is on a receding path. Pain in Bone Metastasis is always very severe and as per her latest update her pains too have decreased very much. And within intake of 18 months of the prescribed medicinal herbs, her STAGE 4 SARCOMA HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY ENABLED TOWARDS COMPLETE REMISSION SO ITS BEEN NOW MORE THAN ALMOST 4 YEARS SINCE SHE HAS ACHIEVED REMISSION AND SHE IS DOING VERY FINE AT THE MOMENT. Once remission is a achieved and in the scan results, no active metabolic activity with regards carcinoma is located, then patient is advised to stop intake of all medicinal herbs and just continue with the alkaline dietary regimen.


STAGE 4 OVARIAN CANCER PATIENT - WITH METASTASIS INTO VERTEBRAL COLUMN, ABDOMINAL CAVITY AND LUNGS - now enabled into Successful REMISSION after almost 2 years of treatment process : When she came into contact with us, it was a STAGE 4 TERMINAL OVARIAN CANCER DIAGNOSED with aggressive and life threatening metastasis in her Vertebral Column, Lungs and Abdominal Areas. We immediately initiated HERBAL LSP in her case and the organic herbal formulations initiated were of very High Medicinal Potency considering the Terminal Nature of her illness. Yes its correct, it took us 2 long years of herbs intake, because for any patient of Stage 4 illness, when the metastasis is in advanced stages and is very aggressive, it all depends on patience + perseverance of patient. And that is now rewarded with success so certainly a huge sign of relief for her entire family. Now as per the latest reports received - her Lungs are absolutely clear now from any traces of metastasis. Earlier there was Pleura Thickening and Pleural effusion as well, but just in her very recent test report - Lungs have come absolutely clean and its a huge encouragement for her because she has 2 young kids to look after and its like a second birth of her for coming out of stage 4 illness stage. Abdominal cavity is as well all clean and clear from cancer activity. Also there is a new osseus formation in her Spine which truly amazed and surprised her Oncologist because traces of her verterbal column was necrosed and thus had to be removed surgically and now with the initiation of HERBAL LSP, there is evidence of normalized bone formation in the vertebral column which is nothing less than a miracle as very few patients in such a "aggressive illness" comes out with success.