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Fagonia cretica Tea prevents Breast Cancer

Patient belongs to a High Risk category due to BRCA Gene involvement and can Take Fagonia cretica Tea as a preventative medicine because it shall prevent the malfunctioning in the cells and thus prevent them from becoming cancerous.

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Exercise in a Patient of Breast Cancer can calm Anxiety

Researchers at Princeton University recently discovered that exercise creates vibrant new brain cells - and then shuts them down when they shouldnt be in action.

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Food allergy - constant vigilance the best treatment

A true food allergy is an abnormal reaction of the body immune system to a food ingredient (mosty proteins) that is otherwise harmless.

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Healthy Diet and Lifestyle essential to battle the Bulge

The solution lies in recognizing special obesogenic features in India including, diet high in carbohydrate, glycaemic index, sugar and poor quality fat.

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Kiwi - Good for Anaemic

Kiwis have also been found to promote heart health by lowering triglyceride levels, reducing platelet aggregation and limiting tendency of blood to form clots.

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Statins may undo fitness benefits of exercise

An important new study suggests that statins, the cholesterol - lowering medications that are the most prescribed drugs in the world, may block some of the fitness benefits of exercise.

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Squezzing Breasts can stop Cancer Cells from Growing

A little squeeze may be all that it takes to prevent malignant breast cells triggering cancer, research has shown.

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Is it better to walk or run ?

Running is better for weight loss, but walkers have a reduced heart risk.

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Increased risk of testicular cancer among infertile men

Studies have shown that male infertility is associated with a slightly increased risk for various types of cancer, including testicular cancer, possibly because of shared genetic factors.

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The National Cancer Registry has found new cases growing at roughly 2.8 per cent a year, leading to the projection of a 21 per cent increase in the next seven years. Estimated new cases stood at 10,86,783 in 2013, projected to 11,48,692 in 2015 and 13,20,928 in 2020.

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