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Breast Pain alters on how woman exercise

Dr brown said the results suggest that exercise related breast pain can compromise the quality and quantity of physical activity for many women.

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Multivitamin a Day helps in preventing Cancer

Researchers announced this week that a large clinical trial followed for more than a decade found that those taking a daily mutivitamin expereinced 8 per cent fewer cancers

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Healthy Diet for Breast Cancer Patients

A nutritious diet during cancer treatment includes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and protein, and very few fatty, fried or sugary foods.

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Drugs aim to make Cancer Self Destruct

For the first time ever, three Pharmaceutical companies are poised to test whether new drugs can work against a wide range of cancers independently of where they originated - Breast, Prostate, Liver, Lung.

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Exercise increases survival odds in patients of Breast Cancer

It can be said with a fair degree of confirmation, that in all types of Breast Cancer, regular and consistent exercising holds the key to your chances of a longer and a healthier survival.

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Broccoli - Fighter of Cancers, the original superfood

Broccoli is rich in anti-oxidants like Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene (plant form of vitamin A) and lutein (a carotenoid), which help to build a strong immune system, fight chronic diseases and slow ageing.

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Between Breasts and My Life I choose LIFE

Genetic test, can at best, confirm 70-80 per cent chances of contracting cancer, and up to 90 per cent, in some exceptional cases. That still leaves a good 10-15 per cent chance of a person not getting the disease. So removing the organ should only be the last resort

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Birth Control Pills Reduce Ovarian Cancer Risk

Women who use birth control pills are less likely to develop ovarian cancer later in life, a new analysis of past studies suggests

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How Aspirin stems Cancer - Study

Researchers have found that these drugs slow the accumulation of a type of DNA change called somatic genome abnormalities, that lead to uncontrolled growth.

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Mangoes are Good for Health, but dont eat too many

Remember that mangoes, being high on sugars, predominantly fructose, should be consumed in appropriate portions. This is true particularly for weight watchers, diabetics and those with high cholesterol levels.

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