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Please do share with regards Age and illness Details of patient in our email ( AsmiConsultancyHerbals@gmail.com ) so we can confirm on Medically recommended Dosage of Organic Fagonia cretica Tea. Because in an early stage of Cancer, the mixing ratio with regards Organic Fagonia cretica is Leaf 40 : Flower 60 while in Stage 4 / Terminal illness, its Leaf 10 : Flower 90 and similarly as per illness severity / type of carcinoma, the mixing ratio of Leaf : Flower and daily intake dosage also varies. We shall also Prescribe other recommended Medicinal Herbs and share all details on Diet Regulations, Lifestyle Regimen, Costing, Disptach and the order can be easily confirmed through PayPal  /  Transfer Wise  /  Bank  Transfer  /  Western  Union  Money  Transfer  /  Money Gram. 

IMPORTANT : Its hereby requested you buy Fagonia (cretica) indica Tea only from an Authenticated Source because as per Ayurveda Literature there are certain very important recommendations mentioned in RAS SHASHTRA which must be followed in the process of DryingRatio Maintenance (Leaf : Flower : Bark) and Powdering of Fagonia (cretica) indica. Our Hospital - Asmi Ayurveda Consultancy and Herbals has been awarded with "Registered Trade Mark" of Organic FAGONIA CRETICA TEA as we have been following the most stringent of protocols for our product and also we have been sourcing the authenticated product from verified cultivators. We have been doing our tasks and working with patients of Cancer with complete honesty in our efforts and its now a success which belongs to each patient of ours for their trust in our Medical Services. 

Registrar of Trademarks, Govt of India after analyzing all our protocols, documentation and product gave the verdict in our favor and thus its now a huge boost for all our patients as the Organic Fagonia cretica Tea / VIRGIN'S MANTLE TEA which we are providing is Certified Authentic and Organic, so absolutely safe to use and also high in Medicinal Benefits.

Herbal Treatment for Cancer Patients | Alternative Treatment for Cancer Patients

Medicinal Herbs for Cancer Remission

Below mentioned Medicinal Herbs are recommended for Patients of Cancer to enable a complete and successful remission

Organic Fagonia cretica herbal tea

Organic Fagonia (cretica) indica Tea / Extract Capsule -

Organic Fagonia Cretica Tea / Capsule Sealed in Humid Proof & Germ Free Pack 

Organic Fagonia cretica is prescribed to patients in different mixing combinations of Leaf : Flower because for each specific case / stage, different Leaf : Flower mixing ratios are used for higher accountability. Example, for an early stage Breast / Lung carcinoma, its Leaf 40 : Flower 60 while for a stage 4, it shall be Leaf 10 : Flower 90. As per illness severity of patient, we formulate the medically correct prescription and then provide it to patient for best health benefits.

Its available as both Tea and Capsule Extract formats so patients can opt for any of the intake method as per their ease of taking medicine. Yes both are medically equally potent and beneficial in terms of results.

Organic Holy Basil (Leaf 100% Extract) Capsule

Organic Holy Basil (Leaf 100% Extract) Capsule -

to be taken as 1 capsule twice a day - Holy Basil decreases tumorigenicity and metastasis of aggressive human cancerous cells thereby is life saving. Its a medically proven antioxidant which fights very effectively against all forms of Cancer and is a must for active cancer activity in tissues.

Organic Wheatgrass and Tinospora cordifolia Capsule -

Organic Wheatgrass and Tinospora cordifolia Capsule -

Role of Wheatgrass in Cancer : Wheatgrass helps in building a strong immune system, and the key to killing cancer cells is raise in oxygen. To ensure an accountable fight against cacinoma the body needs to produce more oxygen. Wheatgrass contains rich Chlorophyll, which is considered the "blood of plants". Including wheatgrass into our diet will help build and renew blood cells in the body and increase the oxygen available to fight the cancer cells with complete accountability. Furthermore, wheatgrass is one of the most alkaline foods known to mankind thus killing "cancer favoring envirnoment" much effectively.

Role of Tinospora cordifolia in Cancer : Tinospora cordifolia has incredible immune-boosting properties, and its one of the prime reasons why it's so accountable against all forms of cancer. A strong immune system is better able to identify any cancerous cells and eliminate them before they have a chance to grown and spread - thus life saving properties. Tinospora contain many high potent medicinal ingredients which are known to poison and kill cancerous cells with precision.

Organic Turmeric (Curcumin rich with high absorption capacity) Capsule -

Organic Turmeric (Curcumin rich with high absorption capacity) Capsule -

With its cell-penetrating ability with good absorption capacity, Organic Turmeric can cleanse the body at the most vital level to prevent cancers and protect tissues from damage imposed by cancer causing agents thus life saving properties. It also prevents cancer cells from damaging DNA and reduces the side effects of chemotherapy thereby highly accountable in majority types / stages of cancer.

Click here to read the Research on CYTOTOXIC AND ANTITUMOUR POTENTIAL OF Fagonia (cretica) indica which shall be very helpful for all the patients of Cancer : 





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Our Organization - ASMI AYURVEDA CONSULTANCY & HERBALS (Nakra Ayurveda Hospitals and Herbals Pvt Ltd) is serving the Cancer Patients across the Globe with Honesty, Dedication and Committment in our efforts.

DHL Express Cargo ServiceWe are hereby providing a graphical display of the list of countries where we have successfully dispatched our Shipment of Fagonia (cretica) indica Tea through DHL Express Cargo Service with committment and a definite time frame. We always provide our Patients with the Waybill of the Parcel, so that the movement of Parel can be tracked on Official Website of DHL. Through DHL, the patient gets regular updates in his / her email id regarding the movement of Parcel and also the Parcel is received at the destination in a maximum of 3-5 working days from the date of dispatch. 

For your confirmation, we can also provide you with the SHIPMENT WAYBILL of these Parcels sent across various destinations across the world in your Email so You can proceed on to check any of the Waybill Reports on www.DHL.com

Within India, we dispatch through DTDC Courier Service / Registered Speed Post Service and its reached at the destination within a maximum of 2 to 5 working days. 

For Patients of Cancer opting for Fagonia (cretica) indica Tea, we have a dedicated Helpline which is directly connected with DR. AMIT NAKRA and its working 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, so that our Patients of Cancer faces no inconvenience related to any aspect. 

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For dispatch to any address location in world, Tea is dispatched through DHL Express Cargo Service and is received within a maximum of 3-5 working days. Through DHL we can easily dispatch the Tea in any place across all the nations and we shall also provide the Patient with the waybill of Parcel soon after dispatch so that the movement of Parcel can be checked on the DHL website.