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Cancer in Remission with Medicinal Properties of Leaf and Flower
- Dhanvyaas / Dhamasa / Durlabaha (Organic Fagonia cretica)

Please do share with regards Age and illness details of patient in our email ( ) so we can confirm the details on Medically recommended intake Dosage of Organic Fagonia cretica Tea. Because in an early case of Cancer, the mixing ratio with regards Organic Fagonia cretica is Leaf 40 : Flower 60 while in Stage 4 / Terminal illness, its Leaf 10 : Flower 90 and similarly as per illness severity / type of carcinoma, the mixing ratio of Leaf : Flower and daily intake dosage also varies.

How Aspirin stems Cancer - Study

How Aspirin stems Cancer - StudyThe Use of Aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs significantly reduces the risk for cancer, but no one has been able to explain why. 

Now, researchers have found that these drugs slow the accumulation of a type of DNA change called somatic genome abnormalities, that lead to uncontrolled growth. 

Scientists studied 13 people with barrett's esophagus, and found that the use of NSAIDS was associated with a 90 per cent reduction in the rate of mutations. - As reported in NYT and published in IE on July 6, 2013