Organic Fagonia Cretica Tea - Virgin's Mantle

Cancer in Remission with Medicinal Properties of Leaf and Flower
- Dhanvyaas (Fagonia cretica)

Please do share with regards Age and illness details of patient in our email ( ) so we can confirm the details on Medically recommended intake Dosage of Organic Fagonia cretica Tea. Because in an early case of Cancer, the mixing ratio with regards Organic Fagonia cretica is Leaf 40 : Flower 60 while in Stage 4 / Terminal illness, its Leaf 10 : Flower 90 and similarly as per illness severity / type of carcinoma, the mixing ratio of Leaf : Flower and daily intake dosage also varies.

Health Benefits of Drinking Fagonia cretica Tea

Fagonia cretica TeaBy Estela Bolton


It has been found that regularly drinking teas would be a very different thing than other people before. Make sure that they are going to make the best thing in the area. There are different varieties of teas and among them is the Fagonia Cretica Tea. Make sure that there are other things that could be done somewhere along the time. There are several phytochemicals that would be good for the health of the people around the town.

Those who are looking forward to better teeth may want to take a small amount of the natural fluoride in the form of this drink. This contains mature leaves that have at least ten to twenty times the levels of fluoride in their bodies than ever before. Fluoride happens to be a common ingredient in toothpastes that helps protect teeth.

Antioxidants that are found in teas actually help in protecting the organic structure against the cancers that would get in a way from most people. There are so many people who would need to make sure of these things at some point. However, people should not only rely on the tea for their overall health. It is recommended to have something a bit better in the end.

The drink is able to fight the free radicals in the body and is very high in the oxygen radical absorbency capacity. In simpler terms, it is the action or the system of fighting over the free radicals in the body. The antioxidants are the ones that fight off the toxins on the skin which is a great thing for most people.

Many of these antioxidants have been shown to slow down the tumor growth in the target areas. It activates the detoxification process which uses powerful enzymes to protect the body against the cells that develop tumors. Italians recently found that drinking three cups of this drink daily can prevent the prostate cancer in men who had precancerous cells.

The archives if internal medicine has published that drinking the beverage has been associated with more than fifty percent reduction on the hardening of the arteries in women who drank at least one to two cups a day. This could be made easier to most people who wanted to get ahead of the things in the area at the same time. 

It can also keep the person hydrated for the time being. Recent documents and experiments have shown that this beverage can contribute a lot to the fluid needs of the person over time. The only time that it becomes a problem is when there is horrible progress after getting on it for the mean time.

It is best to help the body the materials that are around in the end. There are several people who might want to have these things in the end. It is better for many people to make the most out of it in the end. Ensure that there are various materials that would have gone for some time.